An island by definition is a small area of land surrounded by water and when you combine the popularity of the beaches with the small space, well, as you can imagine, parking can become an issue! So much so, that we at Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals figured it would be a good time to bring our guests up to date on the regulations that just make island life run a little smoother, ensuring that your vacation escape will be filled with good times and awesome memories, and without parking citations that can suck the joy out of your stay! Fortunately, the parking rules and regulations in Anna Maria Island are simple ones that will not interfere with your getting from place to place and your getaway to the beauty of our island home will be one you will wish never had to end! Here are the Updated Parking Regulations For 2022.


Your Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals Parking Guide


When you choose to spend your vacation with us, the first thing you will discover is that there is ample parking for all our guests. To make it even easier, the listing for the home you chose will explain just how many spots you can use for your stay, following the guidelines of the bigger the home, the more parking spaces you will be allotted, ensuring that everyone has a place to park their car while enjoying all the comforts of home. Offering as many as 4 spaces for the largest of properties and 2 for the smallest, all the cars in your rental party will be happy and content in their spaces!


Out and About on Anna Maria Island


The rules of parking on the island are simple and easy to follow, although it may mean in some cases you may have to walk further than you normally would. Some of the rules had us scratching our heads because of course you would never park on a sidewalk, but we imagine there is a reason those regulations were put in place! Other commonly known violations would include not blocking a public or private driveway, parking on the street only (all wheels must be off the pavement), and parking against traffic. Always park your car in the direction traffic is going or risk coming back to your car and finding that violation sticker pinned beneath your windshield wipers. Some rules that you may not have known or may not have thought about involve parking near crosswalks. It is illegal to park on a crosswalk (makes sense!) but did you also know that you can’t park within 20 feet of a said crosswalk? Nor can you park within 30 feet of a stop sign or intersection, or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. All of these regulations may seem a little excessive, but they are there not just because of a space shortage on the island but for the safety of you, your family, and everyone who is enjoying a day out and about on Anna Maria Island! And for those who are planning on spending as long as possible at the Manatee County Public Beach, just be aware that is illegal to park there between 10 PM and 6 AM. (the more you know, right?)


Understanding Updated Parking Regulations For 2022


As you explore the beaches of Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, and even Sarasota, you may discover that the regulations may change with each new place; the good news is any parking rules will be clearly stated and all you have to do is read the signs! We aren’t here to make life more difficult for visitors from out of state, these rules and regulations are put in place to make life simpler for everyone with a car. Some, just like the ones listed above are no-brainers, including not parking in a handicapped space unless you have a sticker, license plate, or placard that gives you handicap parking access. Others, however, may be a surprise, but as the rules are posted if you read the signs, you should be ok! Biking is a popular activity at Holmes Beach, so be careful not to park on the bike paths and NEVER park side by side on the street.


For the most up-to-date information check out the Anna Maria City website or the Manatee County website.


Making it Easier for You


Of course, the easiest way to avoid parking tickets is by avoiding driving during your stay on Anna Maria Island! A free trolley stops at the major public beaches getting you where you want to be easily and quickly. Another free option, the Monkey Bus, is a colorfully painted vehicle that runs from noon to 3 AM every day of the week; all you have to do is call 941-565-6542 and you will receive door-to-door transport! Their slogan is “Rides for Tips” so we suggest keeping some cash on hand, should you choose this mode of transportation! And whether you choose the free shuttles or prefer driving your own car, coming home every evening to the peace and comfort found in our island sanctuaries promises to be the best part of your day! Contact us and reserve your favorite today!