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Kid Friendly

G.T. Bray Park and Recreation Center


Located in Bradenton, Florida, approximately 10 miles from Anna Maria, is G.T. Bray Park and Recreation Center. It is Manatee County’s center hub for recreational activities and features just about everything for which an active person hopes. The park is open from sunrise to 11:00 p.m. and is equipped with multiple soccer, baseball and softball fields; basketball, racquetball and tennis courts; and horseshoe pitching platforms. In addition, the park offers a… Continue Reading G.T. Bray Park and Recreation Center

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Pet Friendly

Doggie Stations


Members of the Anna Maria Environmental Committee encourage dog walkers to take advantage of two dog waste stations that have been installed on Pine Avenue. The two locations are: 308 Pine Avenue 403 C Pine Avenue (In front of the Island Cabana) The doggie waste bags degrade rapidly as opposed to regular plastics. Dogs For The Earth provided these doggie stations. Contact us today at Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals!

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