Poppa’s delivers authentic Mission style Mexican food using well-sourced ingredients, like organic produce and antibiotic/hormone free meats, at a reasonable price. In every aspect, they strive to make sure that they’re elevating accepted standards and surprising your expectations.

At Poppo’s they’ve got something to prove. They figure it’s about time that people have the option of a meal on the go that doesn’t sacrifice the standards they practice at home. Why shouldn’t we have the choice to select from an array of organic produce? Why not a serving of antibiotic/hormone free, even some pastured meat? Why should a vegetarian’s meal out be defined by what isn’t on their plate, rather than what is? Who says it needs to be so expensive to get a chemical free, ethically produced meal that only a lucky few can afford it? Certainly not Poppa’s.

Poppa’s works hard every day to make sure that their customers receive the best food they can possibly provide, and they will do so at competitive market prices. They’re not the cheapest spot on the block, but they’re okay with that. They’re not perfect, but they’re always improving. And, if organics aren’t your thing; if a cow is a cow is a cow to you . . . that’s alright, too, who can argue with exceptional flavor at a reasonable price?

Before you go, feel free to stop by the Coastal Cottages AMI office to pick up a menu!

Hours: 11 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Closed Tuesdays

Visit: 212 C Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, FL 34216
Contact: 941-254-7941
Connect: Website | Facebook