Bean PointOnce you’re on Anna Maria Island, you can’t go any further north than Bean Point. Named after George Emerson Bean, Anna Maria Island’s first permanent resident, Bean Point is located on a secluded stretch of beach of what was Bean’s original homesteaded property. With breathtaking views of the sunset reflecting off the calming azure waters of where the Gulf of Mexico meets Tampa Bay, Bean Point is a local secret. In fact, you won’t find a parking lot, or any large signs, to direct you to this island treasure.

To get there you’ll need to head north in Anna Maria. The “main entrance” to Bean Point is located at a small crossroads of North Bay Blvd. and North Shore Drive, where you will notice the tree lined path that divides two properties north of the intersection. There are also entrances at the corners of Fern Street and North Shore Drive as well as at Gladiolus Street and North Shore Drive. Each of these entrances is marked by a small white posted sign that merely states “Public Beach Access”.

If you ride your bicycle, you can ride straight to the path, and park your bike just to the side of the wooden footbridge at the main entrance. If you drive your car, you have a few options to park, including spots along the side streets, including on Gladiolus and Fern. However, remember that parking regulations are strictly enforced on Anna Maria Island. If a sign indicates “No Parking”, we highly recommend you don’t park unless you want a ticket. To park near the footbridge entrance, we recommend heading to Jacaranda Road to find an empty (and legal) parking place. Also, be aware of your tires. In Anna Maria your tires need to be off the street when parking roadside.

After parking, head to the nearest path to get to the beach then head north to the point, where plenty of spots await for you to sit and enjoy the spectacular views that include the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. If the tide is low, you can see the sand bar just off the coast where you can shell ’til your heart’s content! Off in the distance you’ll see the shores of Egmont Key, and there are always boats to enjoy watching as they pass by.

With amazing views, inviting water and a relaxing and serene atmosphere, there really is no better place to enjoy the view and wildlife than Bean Point.