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Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch

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Taking time to travel to scenic Anna Maria Island is always exciting, especially for those with a passion for wildlife. This destination is one that welcomes hundreds of sea turtles to its shores on an annual basis. The incredible migration and nesting patterns of these turtles make for some amazing turtle-watching experiences for visitors who are looking for a front-row seat to some of nature’s most exciting moments! Here is what you need to know about the Anna Maria turtle watch.

Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch Season

Turtle nesting season on Anna Maria Island runs from May to October with summer hosting some of the best turtle-watching opportunities for visitors to enjoy. During this time, a variety of species of sea turtles head towards the sand to dig nests and lay eggs including green sea turtles and Loggerhead Sea Turtles just to name a few. Each turtle typically lays between three and six nests in a season with each nest able to hold over 100 eggs at a time. When these eggs hatch, small sea turtles emerge during the nighttime hours and use the moon’s light to guide their way toward the water.

Best Places to View Turtles

Turtles tend to lay nests all over Anna Maria Island but visitors wanting a great Anna Maria turtle watch vantage point on the activity will find there are a few prime places to check out. If you’re hanging out around the north end of the island, make your way toward Bean Point for a great view of nesting. In the daytime, you’ll get your eyes on the sand holes while nighttime visitors may be lucky enough to catch nest creation.

Rules and Regulations

Sea turtles, their nests, and newly hatched arrivals are all vulnerable to a variety of external factors. In fact, sea turtles currently hold a place on the threatened species list. For this reason, it’s important to know and follow rules and regulations when visiting Anna Maria Island during the turtle-watching season. Be sure to keep your eyes open for flags that are placed by volunteers near nesting sites in order to avoid close interaction or disturbing the nest itself unintentionally. Visitors are required to avoid cellphone lights or flashing of any type around nests as well, especially in the evening hours. Newly hatched turtles depend on the darkness to find their way to the water and artificial light can alter their natural path. Turtle-watchers on Anna Maria Island are required to stay at least 50-feet away from nests and sea turtles at all times.

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