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Leffis Key Preserve

Anna Maria Island is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, and Leffis Key Preserve is a gem that encapsulates its serene beauty. Nestled on the island’s southern end, this preserve offers diverse ecosystems, hiking trails, and breathtaking views. It’s the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy the island’s natural wonders.

Enjoy Easy Access

Leffis Key Preserve offers convenient access for visitors to Anna Maria Island, located just across the street from Coquina Beach and the Coquina trolley stop. This proximity ensures that anyone can easily enjoy the preserve’s natural beauty and serene atmosphere. While the preserve has limited facilities, such as restrooms and concessions, visitors can find additional amenities within Coquina Gulfside Beach Park, including playgrounds, showers, and a free trolley stop. For those looking to dine out, Leffis Key is conveniently located near several sit-down restaurants, allowing visitors to extend their island experience with delightful culinary options.

Experiences for Everyone

As you step onto the preserve, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush mangroves, serene ponds, and captivating vistas of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. The preserve is a haven for birdwatchers, and you’ll have the opportunity to spot a wide variety of avian species, including herons, egrets, and ospreys. Keep your camera ready to capture these stunning moments.

Leffis Key Preserve also offers well-maintained hiking trails suitable for visitors of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a casual walker or an avid hiker, you can choose from various paths that wind through the preserve. The raised boardwalk trails are wheelchair-accessible and provide a unique perspective of the preserve’s wetlands and mangroves.

For those interested in the local flora and fauna, Leffis Key Preserve provides an educational experience. There are more than 20,000 marsh grass plants, including saltwater cordgrass, salt joint grass, and smooth cordgrass. Volunteers, including local environmental clubs and school children, planted them along the tidal ponds’ banks.

A Call to Nature Lovers

Leffis Key Preserve is a must-visit destination for nature lovers exploring Anna Maria Island. Whether you’re captivated by birdwatching, fascinated by diverse ecosystems, or simply looking for a serene escape, this preserve offers it all. After a day of exploring the preserve’s natural wonders, retreat to one of our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals. We feature a wide range of properties, ranging from one-bedroom rentals to six-bedroom properties. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or visiting with family, we have something for you. Your island adventure awaits, contact us today to get started!

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