Fishing has always been a much-loved activity on Anna Maria Island, both for tourists and the residents, but it is very important that the fishing rules of Anna Maria Island are followed as it helps with the conservation of the creatures that make their home in the waters of Florida, ensuring that fishing can continue to be a favored activity! And oh, the fun you can have as you charter deep-sea fishing expeditions, drop a line from the pier, or find a quiet spot on the shoreline from which to enjoy a few hours of the most relaxing vacation adventure of all! (Next to napping of course!) And when you bring your catch of the day back home to the comforts of your Anna Maria Island Life Vacation Rentals seaside sanctuary, you can grill up the freshest and sweetest fish on shiny grills that are available at many of our escapes! Here are the Updated Fishing Regulations For 2022.

The License 

Unlike Drivers Licenses, fishing licenses are not valid from state to state and if you or any members of your fishing party are aged 16 and above, you will need to purchase a license. Licenses can be purchased online here or can also be purchased at any sporting goods store, with costs ranging from $17 dollars and up, depending on how many days you need the license for. If you are planning on fishing from the docks on Anna Maria Island, however, a fishing license will not be required as the pier fees cover fishing license requirements. The piers can get a little crowded but there is generally room for “one more” and sharing in the fishing experience with a bunch of people you are meeting for the first time can build a camaraderie that lasts for the duration of your fishing experience! The historic Rod and Reel Pier, 875 North Shore Drive, offers a popular restaurant serving your favorite seafood dishes, but also only charges $2 to fish (children 8-12 are only $1, and under 8 is free) giving visitors a reasonably priced day of fun. Also renting fishing gear at a whopping $2 per hour, you can purchase bait (live shrimp or frozen bait) for just $3.50, ensuring your fishing fun is affordable as well. Anna Maria City Pier, 100 South Bay Boulevard, is another popular pier fishing spot, open 24/7 and jutting out into the sea quite a distance. The fee system is different here, requiring a $25 deposit and charging $3 per hour for fishing gear and time. The deposit is refundable and they also sell frozen squid for bait, ensuring you need nothing more than patience and sunscreen to enjoy a day of fishing off the pier! Another way to avoid paying license fees is by chartering a fishing expedition. These state-licensed charters (Skyway Charters is a popular local choice) offer all the gear you need for a day of making memories on the sea, including the license, and all you will need is a stomach that can handle the rough waters, strong arms, and a cooler filled with your favorite snacks and beverages! (Looking for a pro tip to avoid seasickness? Dramamine isn’t your only choice as today’s sea travelers are discovering that Acupressure Wristbands, available at your favorite online shopping site, work amazingly well!)

Understanding The Updated Fishing Regulations For 2022

We may miss the way we used to fish, grabbing a bamboo rod, a handful of worms, and finding a local spot to become one with the sea and nature, but some modern updates are actually quite useful and we would hate to go back to a world without them, including the Fish Rules app you can download to your phone! Keeping you updated on the ever-changing world of fishing regulations and also providing info as to local hot spots and a quick way to identify the fish you have caught, it is GPS controlled which is especially appreciated by boaters who aren’t from the area!

For the most up-to-date information check out the Anna Maria City website or the Manatee County website.

Renting a Boat for Fishing

You don’t always need to charter a fishing trip when wanting to fish from the boat, you can actually rent boats and find your own spot where the fish are biting. (The Fish Rules App we mentioned above can help!) Anna Maria Island Boat Rentals & Water Sports, 6398 Marina Way, is a popular boat rental place and they can give you more info, including one last regulation we are mentioning here. Gone are the days when parents could just hand over the helm to their kiddos, giving them a thrill and the feeling they are almost grown. Newest regulations require anyone born after 1988 to complete a Boating Safety Course before operating any vessel over 10 horsepower. An Identification card is provided for those who have passed the course and will be required to have it on hand when driving.

Come Home to Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals

 After a day at sea (or pier, or shoreline!) coming home to the air-conditioned coolness of your Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals fisherman’s sanctuary will be the best part of your day! Reserve your favorite now!