Even as we are enjoying the freedom to move around the country again, there are still rules and regulations that are designed to keep us safe and yes, that includes during your time on the beaches of Anna Maria Island. We at Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals want our guests to have the time of their lives during their stay on the island and because your safety is of utmost importance to us (we really do like you!) we urge you to follow the rules. In fact, we have compiled this guide to the more common rules, with a little explanation that follows, perhaps enlightening you as to why you have to bring your beach gear back to your island sanctuary every evening! If you are considering breaking any of the beach rules of Anna Maria Island, however, remember that with fines costing as much as $500, there are more important ways to spend your money, including dining out, fishing, and shopping at all the wonderful shops found all over Anna Maria Island! Here are the Updated Beach Rules For 2022.

Not Like the Movies

We all grew up watching movies where romantic couples cuddled in front of a bonfire on the beach, sipping from crystal flutes filled with bubbly champagne they brought along with them to celebrate a special occasion. Perhaps they fall asleep on the beach in a tent built for two and awakened early the next morning for a horseback ride at dawn. Or maybe they ended their day with a bike ride along the shoreline as fireworks explode in the sky overhead. Unfortunately, none of the above scenarios will take place during your Anna Maria Island escape, as most everything listed is against the rules, as shown below.

• No open fires or fireworks are permitted on the beaches.
• No glass containers or consumption or possession of alcohol.
• No vehicles or bicycles are allowed on the beaches. Only wheelchairs are permitted.
• No overnight camping and as we discussed in the parking blog, no overnight parking.
• No Horseback Riding.

Protecting our Wildlife and Natural Resources

Other rules are designed to keep the beaches pristine and to ensure that the wildlife that makes their homes here stay safe and protected.

• No Littering. If there aren’t any trash cans where you are playing, you must carry your trash away with you at the end of the day.
• No Plastic Bags (we’ve all seen what damage plastic bags can do!)
• No lights between sunset and sunrise during Turtle Nesting Season (May 1-October 31)
• No unattended beach gear, including chairs, umbrellas, or cabanas after sunset and before sunrise during Turtle Nesting Season.
• No disturbing or feeding the wildlife. (Too much interaction with humans can interfere with their survival skills)
• No pets although service animals are permitted, and Palma Sola Causeway Park is dog friendly.
• No Removal of Natural Resources. The white sand is stunning, but please it on the beach; your pictures will help you remember its pristine beauty and how soft it felt between your toes!

Follow the Updated Beach Rules For 2022 and Keep it Safe

This next section of rules is more about toning down the wild while keeping everyone safe. You can still have fun, but remember, designated swimming areas are for SWIMMERS only, which leads to our first rule.

• No Launching Motorized Vessels from the beach or designated swimming areas. Non-motorized vessels, including surfboards, sailboats, catamarans, and kayaks are permitted.
• No fishing from the Jetty or in designated swimming areas. The hooks and wires can cause serious injury to unsuspecting swimmers.

Tone Down the Wild

We all want you to have an excellent time during your hours spent on the beaches of Anna Maria Island but please remember; that EVERYONE deserves to have a great time, so keep the hijinks wholesome and follow the rules listed below.

• No throwing games, except in designated areas. It is fun to play catch, practice your archery, skip stones on the water, or play with model airplanes but the beaches are for water-related activities and they can get crowded, meaning that throwing ANYTHING can cause harm to other beachgoers.
• No disorderly conduct. Fights, arguments, or even too loud good-hearted disagreements can be annoying to those around you. You go to the beach for fun and peace, so leave the disagreements for home!
• No Nudity. We appreciate your freedom as much as the next person, but there are children on the beaches and their parents would prefer to be the ones to teach them about the differences between boys and girls!

Last but Not Least

There may not be a concession stand at the beach of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can earn some vacation bucks by setting up your own vending or concession stand! As with any public space, the following rules must be followed.

• No Vending or Concessions without authorization and a permit.
• No assembly without a permit. Again, the beach is for tranquility and serenity. Save your protests for your hometown!

For a Fun, Safe, and Exciting Anna Maria Island Vacation Experience

For the most up-to-date information, check out the City of Anna Maria website or the County of Manatee website. Follow the rules and choose Anna Maria Life Vacation Rentals for your vacation sanctuary! Contact us and reserve your favorite today!