Wait, what? You may be asking yourself how can you even be thinking about winter vacations when the sun is shining late into the evening, popsicles are dripping all over the chubby little hands of your toddlers, and you are prepping for your summer escape to the log cabin in the pines where the cooler weather gives you a respite from the humidity that makes life unbearable in your midwestern hometown? We at Anna Maria Vacation Life Rentals acknowledge that it may seem a little extra, but as the borders of the world are reopening after the pandemic, the reality is more people than ever are ready to get away and explore and if you want to ensure that you have the vacation property of your dreams for your winter getaway to Anna Maria Island, booking now can ease the way! Now that we have captured your attention, we have compiled this guide as to why NOW is the best time to book your 2022 winter vacation!

The Vacation Home of your Dreams

One of our second favorite parts of vacation life is the planning that goes into it ahead of time. There is something soothing about scrolling through pictures of beautiful homes, sipping a glass of wine, and forgetting that lunch needs to be made, the kids are fighting again, and your wife just told you she is going to be late coming home because of another meeting. And then you see it. The vacation home of your dreams suddenly appears before you, offering the exact number of bedrooms you need for each family member to have their own space to retreat to at the end of every day in paradise. You can picture yourself taking a nap on that oversized sectional, falling asleep to the sounds of crowds cheering on your favorite basketball team on the state-of-the-art television. You can imagine sitting out on lounge chairs around the pool, feeling the sun warm your shoulders while your friends back home are shoveling their driveway for the 100th time that winter. And if you listen closely, you can actually hear the waves of the Gulf of Mexico crashing against the white sand beaches of Anna Maria Island. THIS is the home you have dreamed about your entire life and because you are planning ahead, when you click on the book now button, your vacation dreams are destined to come true; this home is yours for that wonderful week in January and you have never been happier!

More Time to Plan

A beach vacation is supposed to be a lazy one but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to get out and explore all there is to offer during your time in paradise. Planning this far in advance allows you to pick the restaurants you want to frequent, perhaps taking some time to read about the history of the Rod and Reel Pier, a restaurant that has fed visitors and residents of the island for 75 years. You can create an itinerary of which beach you want to visit on which day, ensuring that even as you engage in Florida adventures, you will have plenty of toes in the sand time. You can discover the delights available to you on the island, putting aside a day to explore The Ringling, a comprehensive museum that encompasses everything circus-related! Offering an in-depth glance into circus art, circus artifacts, and the glamourous home that once belonged to John and Mable Ringling this day is destined to be unforgettable. Add in a viewing of a live performance at the historic Asolo Theater, a theater that traces its roots back to the 15th century and was dismantled and moved to Sarasota by Ringling in 1949, and your day will be as close to perfect as possible. Buy a travel book of the area and thoroughly read through it, dog-earing pages and highlighting certain paragraphs, and create an itinerary that covers everything that interests you!

Save Some Money

Another advantage to early planning is the opportunity to save money. Many places offer discounts, allowing guests to pay less for the same great adventures that travelers who weren’t so diligent in their planning won’t enjoy. And as inflation goes up, even if there isn’t a discount for purchasing tickets or admission fees early, you can practically guarantee you will still be saving money as you won’t have to pay inflated prices! In addition, you can take these extra months and choose to save money in ways that wouldn’t make a difference during a shorter planning stage. Skip the coffee shop one day a week and contribute almost 200 dollars to your vacation account, bag your lunch 1 day a week and add another 300 dollars; see where we are heading here? Your vacation can surpass your dreams and not make your bank account wince even the slightest!

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